Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dirty Dancing and Bra Hell

Friday was GREAT! Half day at work which is always good news I think you'll agree :o)

Nicki and I took mum to see Dirty Dancing, it was her birthday pressie, she didn't know where we were going until we were literally just outside the theatre, then she got all excited blesser! Being the half 3 showing, there were quite a few old ladies there, all tittering and eyeing up posters of the leading man.

I think in a way they had tried to fit too much in, they did get absolutely EVERYTHING from the film in, but as a result, there were quite a few very short scenes that didn't seem to gel very well or add anything pertinent to the story. There was also a racial tension thread running through it that I had never noticed in the film (though I haven't watched it for a LONG time).
Nicki has watched it since and says that it IS there, but very played down, they've made much more of a thing of it in the stage show, to the extent of adding whole scenes talking about it, it was quite interesting.

The girl who played Baby was fantastic, and her hair looked exacly like the film characters. The guy playing Johnny was a bit young....but VERY fit :o) He showed his worth in the final scenes with his solo dancing at the head of the group coming down the aisle....nom nom nom!

We had some young ladies in the row in front of us, I mean young as in between 9 and 13/14 I guess. They got the giggles when the sexy scene came and Johnny took Baby's dress off....that was quite funny. Some old biddies were in the seats behind me, and I kept turning round to glare at them when they nattered too loudly. I wouldn't have minded if they'd at least tried to keep it to a whisper! Gah!!

So the rest of the weekend was lovely, it's been so long since I've had a chilled out weekend off, no zoo, no St John, and it was a bank holiday too :o)

On Saturday I saw Wolverine with Vicky, that film is fabulous! If you're a fan of the X-Men films I really would recommend it, it really tells the story of where Wolverine came from and why he is the messed up doode that he is. It's quite obviously all a big set up for another film where he remembers who he is and goes after the guy who did it to him too. Great!! As an added bonus he spends A LOT of time with his top off, and you even get bum shots, BUM SHOTS!!!! I was getting most unneccesarily excited.

We went back to Vicky's and spent much time harrassing the kitties and baking willy cookies (which turned out heavenly I must say). The purpose of the willy cookies was for the Ann Summers Party Vicky was hosting later, we iced a personal willy for each lady. Ann Summers was muchly fun, I'm distinctly poor this month after excessive present-buying, but I splashed out on a pair of knickers and a cool nightshirt....my tamest Ann Summers purchases EVER!

Sunday was lovely and chilled out. I finally dragged myself out of the pit at about half 10 in the morning and had brekkie in the garden with the fambly. In the morning I think we all just read/chatted, faffed in the garden and around the house for a while. Nicki and I made salads for lunch and then went off shopping.

During the morning, however, I had a horrible reality check! I decided I needed a new bra or two, mine are quite old, and they get quite scabby don't they? Yes they do. So I thought I'd double check my size and found the Figleaves website and their flash boobie size doodah. Plugged in my measurements and 'What the fu.......?' I have been wearing 38B's, and I'm reliably informed that I am actually a 42C!! Argh!!

During our shopping trip I was most appalled to discover that most lingerie shops stop at 38's! What is this all about? Big Boobist bastards! I have a new found empathy with my mother and every other big boobed lady out there, how have they been doing it? I found myself in Mark and Sparks looking over what at first appeared to be racks of watermelon bags.......no...they were bra's alright.

So now I'm scaffolded to the nines....must say, much more comfortable than what I was wearing though....who knew :o)

Sunday night was Come Dine With Me (Croydon episode) and if I EVER meet that KNOB Christian, I'm gnna smack him round the chops with a king crab leg......a king crab leg that's cooked to perfection.


Monday morning Nicki and I watched Britains Got Talent (we missed it on Sunday night for Come Dine with Me.....oh yes, I'm catching up on me telleh!).

On Monday afternoon Oggers and I decided to have a little get together. I grabbed my (hers...I stole it) TESCO Bag for Life and stuffed it with lots of low(ish) fat goodies. We had a veritable salady feast, it was most delicious!! We then set off for a nice healthy walk around the shallow lakes along the South edge of Epping Forest (South? I may be wrong). We trundled twice around the ponds and then gave up and wandered to a pub for a Guinness. This one cannot be blamed on Jo, this was entirely my idea *shame*. We only had one, and then we set of home. It was a lovely long walk though, good exermacise for us both.

Back at Oggers we watched a double bill of Corrie, and then Eastenders...and the Britains Got Talent....we like all that educational stuff. We were very pleased with the acts that made it though and procrastinated over the wisdom of our nation from our prostrate positions on the sofa.

Ahhhhhhh, I'll get back to blogging more often very soon I promise. I still have a great post idea lined up, when I get the time :D


  1. LOVE the bra pic. I feel your pain girl. Thanks of the blog comment! -angela

  2. It's fab isn't it! Amazing what you can find by plugging random phrases into google!

  3. I'm embarrassed that you have a picture of my bra on your blog. LOL. ;-)