Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Everything and nothing

Ever have that? When you're knackered and you feel like you've been really busy, and yet when someone asks you what you've been up to, you can't come up with a satisfactory excuse for your general malaise? I have it all the time, but I guess I have some excuses this weekend!

Saturday was another moving day, and the last, to my dads great relief, though I'm sure he's convinced I'll be moving yet again in a months time :o) Such pessimism. It was a surprising amount of stuff, in that it was a bit more than we had hoped was left behind, oh well. We slung it all in my room and shut the door on it. I was spending the weekend at my folks for one reason or another and I was kinda hoping that the unpacking fairy would have done it all for me by the time I got back.

Apparently the unpacking fairy has eloped with the laundry fairy, and I was faced with a shitehole to try and sort out last night. I did quite a bit of it, but I must admit, spent the night squished into half of my bed, with various crap littering the other half. Ahhh, takes me back to when I was young and Daddeh would shout at me all day to clean my room :o) So the rest of that will get done this evening after the dreaded weigh-in, and Weds after a couple of drinks with the Keef (snortle...yeah right).

I made my garlic butter salmon for Nicki and Dad on Saturday night, which they loved. Dad had spent all day making noises about how he didn't like baked salmon, it was too dry, that salmon at the Harvester put him off for life, salmon is dry, he only likes salmon out of a can. Turns out that people can cook salmon different ways! He even left a voicemail on my phone yesterday asking me how to make it, he was going to cook it for his lunch.

Sunday was the great 'Race for Life' day! My mum, my sister and I took part this year, wandering leisurely around Lloyd Park over 5km. Mother has a very poorly knee and so it was slow progress, and dad joined us for the last 500km, hobbling around with his stick. We came in after about 1 hour and 27ish minutes. My first medal EVER!! Turns out dad had parked as far away as he possibly could so it was about 6 km in all. I felt fine after it, and the next day, but my bum cheeks are aching a bit this morning I must say!

I took the afternoon off yesterday to have a lovely luncheon with Nicki. We then went to see Star Trek at the IMAX in Waterloo. I haven't been there for ages and forgot just how massive the screen is in there, It was FAB!! I never thought I'd say I'm in love with Spock, but I'm afraid I am, and a little bit with Captain Kirk too. Leonard Nimoys appearance was lovely too, he certainly hasn't gone down the plastic surgery route :o) It was an all round fantastic film, great action scenes and humour, and the old characters were really brought to life by the new actors!! Wull done, wull done!! Though, Kirk does seem to spend the entire film being beaten up by one person or another, blessim.

Image cred: Wired


  1. Isn't it amazing how much stuff you can not realize you have until you move? I dread the day that I ever have to move again because unlike the old places I once lived in, I now have an attic and extra storage space(all full)though my sister will always feel the need to remind me that extra storage space does not mean an excuse to have extra junk...

  2. I'm just glad that I've moved into a smaller room now! I can't fit all my stuff in as it is, I can't get anymore and might even have to throw some stuff away. It'll stop me accumulating more stuff *fingers crossed*