Saturday, 30 May 2009

Lobster Red

Oh noes!!

I resemble a lobster!

And this after I sent an email round to my zoo volunteers this morning telling them to remember sun lotion for tomorrow. I'll turn up tomorrow with my big tomato face poking out of the top of my white zoo shirt and they will POINT AND LAUGH!

At least I would it it were the other way round

My mission if I choose to accept it is to avoid all sunlight until I've taken my own advice and bought some suncream


Do you like the pic? I aim to educate AND entertain :)

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  1. I'm so dark I never turn red :) Sometimes I wonder what it's like?

  2. Tis the price I pay for being an English Rose (translation - Tippex Features) sigh.

    It's not something you'd yearn to experience, try hauling burnt shoulders around in the shower trying to reach your back......owiessss

  3. I'm one of those fairskinned people who burns easily. I feel your pain! (Literally.)