Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Lubbly Food!

A food post, it's definitely what has been lacking recently.

I was all set to starve last night. I contemplated going to bed at about 21:30 when the grumbling in my tumbly started, sleep through it, sleep through the pain.

Then, to make matters worse (I thought) Grant came in and started pottering around in the kitchen. It was only a matter of time before those lovely food smells would come wafting out. I keep being asked what a 'Grant' is, it's a live-in landlord. He's lovely, but he doesn't like people to know that, so don't tell him I told you...shhhh.

Belly gave in and I wandered into the kitchen to grab the only thing I had that was edible...a tin of mackerel in brine. I've eaten mackerel out of the tin before, but I prefer it in sunflower oil.

I should stop spending all my money on beer and feed myself now and again shouldn't I?

Grant caught me and offered to double up his portions and I could eat with him. WIN! He was making a salmony, garlicy, tomatoey, prawny thing with spaghetti.

I say prawny.....2 prawns.

I was put in charge of the salad, it was an excellent salad if I do say so myself. Very vegetably. The salad is the most important part you know. Or maybe it's the only thing he trusted me with. I guess we'll never know.

The excitement was overwhelming when we started setting the table. I haven't eaten properly at the table for a while and there was a salad and red wine and everything! Grant put paprika, olive oil and lemon juice on the salad, dished up and were were ready to go!

But I had to take pictures first, like the sad case I am!

Om nom nom!!

A short way in, Grant realised he had both of the prawns. Being a selfless fellow, he threw a prawn at me in celebration of delightful prawny goodness.

In my own celebratory style, I threw it straight into my mouth, and Grant said:

"It's got a tail on"

....shortly before I discovered this fact for myself.

Not so civilised was the throwing of prawns and subsequent digging around in mouth for prawn tail.

I cleared up after dinner...aren't I good.

Today, Nicki took me to Yo Sushi! for a cheapy lunch. She had a complimentary £12 lunch due to a mistake they made with a delivery last week.

More prawny deliciousness with a prawn yakisoba, and we shared edamame and duck gyoza, then chocolate and raspberry truffle and froot for desert!

Now I'm off for more noogles with Vicky! Mmmmmmm fooooooods!!

And the Christmas stuff-your-face hasn't even started yet!!

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  1. I'll see your food blog and raise you a grumpy seasonal blog complete with pictures of you. Check out Better Late Than Never.

    FWIW. I sound really bitter towards you in the blog. I'm not. I love you dearly xxx