Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Ask, and ye shall recieve!

I asked for a scarf...and I got one. A nice one!

Jo asked for a scarf bloggage. So here it is!

In my defence, I've been too busy wearing the thing to blog about it. Jo finished it just in time for this cold snap...for which I will be eternally grateful. I'm almost positive it's the one thing that has prevented me coming down with one of those horrendous throat infections that plague me at this time of year.

I was presented with said scarfage a couple of Saturday nights ago, whereupon we set about modelling for the camera. We also modelled some lovely badges Jo had picked up that day.

Quick disclaimer: Modelling suggests some kind of aesthetic quality...I can't speak for the gorgeous Jo who looks lovely even in her lesbian lumberjack shirt....but I'm frigging hideous.

I then spent the week abusing it whilst training. I rarely took it off and I'm pretty sure all the guys on the course thought I was a bit of a nutter.

So when I got back, it had stretched....a bit....

In my defence (again, your Honour), it's stretchy wool, and in my defence, it's only stretched because I've loved it too much. But I'm sure Jo considers this scarf abuse in the first degree. She seemed disgusted as she held it up in front of her and both ends touched the ground.

But I lubs it and it's mine not hers and she can poo off.

So there.


  1. This is like blog photo wars. THANKS.

    I post SJ pics of you and you post PJ pics of me. My face appears to be having a serious malfunction in that PJ wearing scarf to the floor demo.

    I do love the arty criss cross photos of just scarfage. Lush!!

    Yes - I made that!

  2. massive LOL @ scarf stretch!

    very nice scarf Jo, well done.