Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Day 3 - Mock Numero 2 and Morrocan Beef

Dinner today was Morrocan Beef and cous cous, with mandarin cheesecake for afters. The food seems to be getting better every day, but some of the meat eaters were turned veggie after day number 1. More fool them and all the more for me!

Today was apparently one of the most intense days of the course, there was no weekend before it and tomorrow is supposed to be more relaxing, ending at about 6pm after a 'little exam'. Restful my arse.

There was still much caffeine intake, but I was regulating it today and had a blueberry and apple tea during the mock....oh yes, well done me. A packet of walkers ready salted and a packet of mini cheddars were my evils, but with all the brain juice we're sapping I'll forgive myself.

I personally didn't find today as bad as yesterday. That 6 hour stint in the afternoon is still a killer though. It appears that I don't have a throat infection *crosses fingers*, it's much better today. I think it must have been my body giving me a warning shot across the bows, I haven't been treating it very nicely lately.

Mock Number 2! I got 53 out of 75!! Oh yes. Oh yes!!

I had assumed that I was one of the crapper people in the class seeing as most of my compadrés seem to be consultants 'between contracts' (unemployed) at the moment. However, having a listen out at dinner it seems I'm not. Scores bandied around ranged between 32 and 58, so I'm not doing too badly.

That doesn't mean I won't be doing any reading tonight though. What was it Tony taught me?

'Previous Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance'

Or something along those lines. I just hope that the stuff being shoved in one ear isn't pushing stuff straight out of the other, cos that's how it feels sometimes.

I'd make some funnies, but I haz nothing funny to talk about :(. Oh!! On the way back to my room I had such massive wind I thought I might poo myself...so I had to run.

I didn't poo myself. I wonder if this is a side-effect of all the caffeine?

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