Monday, 7 December 2009

Altruism in the Ladies

Let it never be said that women cannot co-operate.

But first, let me share...

Growing up I always had more males friends than female friends. Kids can be horrible people in general, but boys always seemed so much easier to deal with than girls. There's much more sniping, mainly over the way you look with girls, lots of pre-pubescent insecurities bubbling to the surface in the form of severe bitchiness.

Now I'm older it's much more even, girls can still be harder work, but now it's balanced out by that sexual thing with the boys. Are we going to be friends or practice making babies? Ooop, oooop, once you've gone down that second path it can be hard to manage the first, so best to go for one or the other in the first instance. I find that you're probably more likely to have a big falling out with a girlfriend, but if you find that awesome female mate you'll be like sisters forever and the boys can move on over.

I think that there should be much more female solidarity going on. If I'm asked what I would do if I knew that a bloke that was chatting me up is married/in a long term relationship/with A.N.Other, I tend to reply 'I wouldn't go out/home with him'. Many women (though by no means all) consider that if the bloke is up for it, why shouldn't they be? Put yourself in his partners would you feel?

And THAT'S why you shouldn't.

Yes I know, some guys do it too, but I'm a woman and talking about ner.

Despite all this, every now and again something always happens to restore your faith, and something amusing yesterday restored my faith in the fact that ladies CAN and do treat each other nicely.

I went so see a late night showing of Law Abiding Citizen (starring the wonderful Gerard Butler..anyone seen him play The Phantom? Uhhhh), and, as usual after a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat, there was a mad rush for the ladies at the end. I wandered in to find a couple of other girls wandering around looking in various toilets for loo roll. There's NEVER any loo roll at the end of the evening, I sometimes think they hope anyone watching a film at that time will be too drunk to notice that they're wiping their arse on their cardigan.

Eventually, someone found some loo roll in the very last cubicle, and instead of cackling like a witch and diving in, she shouted to everyone else and then grabbed a handful and went to another cubicle. All the ladies followed suit and everyone had a nice comfy toilet trip rather than a massive angsty, twitchy line forming outside one cubicle in a huge set of toilets.

It warmed my heart so it did. We CAN be nice to one another.

Score one for womankind.

Just a little something for the laydeeez ;)

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