Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Taxi Driver from Hell!

Oh I had the weirdest drive home last night ever. Taxi's from Ogs to Sprogs normally take about 5 minutes max....I don't know WHAT this guy thought he was up to!

He spent half the journey talking about how dodgy the area he was taking me to was (he picked me up from Bakers Arms for fucks sake!) and begging me not to rob him when we got to the other end, he made sure I was well aware of the pepper spray he had in his drivers side door pocket.

Apparently there's a scam going on whereby ladies will call a cab and then hold the cabbie at knifepoint till he hands over all his dough....personally I think he was bullshitting, when I muttered 'going the long way aren't we?' he mentioned something about this being the safe way.

When we FINALLY got close to where I lived (the other half of the journey being taken up by him trying to FIND where I lived - and did I mention he didn't even know where to pick me up?), he was really nervous and edgy and kept saying things like 'don't take my money please, run away, but don't take my money'. Needless to say I gave him the money, and as soon as I was out of that car he sped off into the distance.

He overcharged me, but I didn't care, by then I wanted rid of him as much as he seemed to want rid of me.


Paranoid people of a nervous disposition should NOT be driving cabs. I'd have felt safer being driven by this lot!


  1. Hehehehe, sounds like your cab driver was a paranoid schizophrenic pants-shitter!

  2. Thank you for your interjection Organic Meatbag!

    The saga has moved on somewhat since I posted this morning, check out installment II of 'Taxi Driver from Hell'!!