Saturday, 5 September 2009

One Lovely Evening

I had a genuinely lovely evening last night. Now, this doesn't mean to say that I don't quite often have great evenings out with mates and such, but last night was extra lovely, making me want to blog blog about it!

I messaged Oggers on Thursday asking what she was up to on Friday night, I was free and had recieved an online invite to Comedy Festival at the Canal Café Theatre near Little Venice, seemed like it could be fun. It was a night Tom had organised and he soon threw his 2p in online and let us know about the Facebookers half price tickets, which pretty much sealed the deal.

Jo and I bimbled over after work and got there pretty early, time enough for a quick one before the show started, which is always good!

The show itself was cool, 4 acts, and the audience small but perfectly formed, 12 of us altogether. We was good clappers we was :D. The first act has the hard job of warming the audience up, especially one as small and personal as our one last night, but I thought he was awesome, as he was on Party Piece on Thursday. The other three I had never seen before and I thought all 3 were great. The last guy had Jo almost pissing into her pint with his sandwich joke. She lives that sandwich conundrum every single day of her life...I can just tell.

The loveliness of the evening was really embodied...for the drinks afterwards though.

There had been a couple, who I think were on a date, in the audience and I had briefly chatted to the lady in the you do....during the show, she was very lovely. When the show finished we found ourselves chatting to this couple outside the bar, alongside Tom, one of the acts and a few friends of friends etc. Their names were Theresa and Ali and he was obviously a massive fan of comedy, I think she was just dipping her toe and was very interested in the whole process the hell do they get up there? I ask myself the same question every time I watch Jo go up...*shudder*. Just before they left she asked where Jo performed and said she'd be coming to Monkey Business on Thursday to watch her. Whether she actually turns up or not is neither here nor there, it was great of her to say she'd come along for moral support specifically to see Jo.


Then we spent the rest of the evening chatting to Tom, Henry (one of the comedians), Toms mate Alex and her mate Cameron mainly. By now much (too much) beer had been consumed by all parties and the conversation was at some points disgusting, at some points sombre, but consistently entertaining. Eventually we found ourselves the last people outside the pub and someone was trying to take away the pint of beer that we had found and were sharing between us.......ahem. Cameron in particular was loathe to give it up.

So we waddled off in our separate directions, Henry and Tom on bikes, Jo, Cameron and I heading to Royal Oak. Cameron was another of last nights gems lol, very funny, but insists he would die a slow torturous death on stage. He kept Jo and I muchly entertained throughout an arduous journey home involving sitting on the tube platform for quarter of an hour before being informed there's be no trains for AGES, getting a nightbus back to Great Portland Street and trying to decide what to do from there. Very lovely man, even if he had taken to calling me 'Frustrated (at one point possibly even 'desperate') Girl', due to an earlier conversation. I suppose I can forgive small evils.

We parted ways near Euston Station and Jo and I stood and faffed around for a while trying to decide what to do before waving down a cab and asking him to stop at a cashpoint. Big waste of money....but at that time of the morning without an obvious way home...and with Jo dying for a pee...we decided 'feck it!!'

Home was found and chips and chocolate were purchased. We both passed out on the sofa.

If it hadn't have been for having to take that bloody rip-off cab it would have been a perfect evening!! Best mate, comedy, friendly aquaintances, friendly strangers and plenty of Guinness. One simply cannot complain, can one?

Thank you Jo and Tom, for a fabulous evening xx


  1. Hey Miss.

    Thank you for what was indeed a great night out


  2. When will you blog some more? :(

    Some of us have mind numbingly dull jobs you know.