Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bloggarisation! and Antarctica

Oh Oh!! I've been told off for being boring and not bloggarising!

You know when you've got craploads going on and seem to be in a constant state of business/hungoverness and yet.....none of it really seems blogworthy? I need to do something new and exciting!!

It was Party Piece again on Tuesday, a late one this time! I don't even want to know how many pints of Guinness we downed, but it was at least 5. Jobie was on late and was quite pissed by the time she got up there, but used some new material which I thought was effing brilliant! I laughed my socks off! Jo wasn't convinced that it captured the entire audience, but it pleased me, and I think that's all that counts.

She also donned a swimming hat for a short time. Dinky, pretty, blonde, drunk comic in a swimming hat. It's made of win! (She'll kill me for that)

I'm back in St Reatham with Bandage Club tonight!! Oh yes, rolling around on the floor bandaging people up, it's glorified S&M is what it is.

Friday a sekrit!! ;)

I would like to take this opportunity to ask all (all....snigger) my devoted readers to please please please vite for Violet Dear to blog her way to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions. As I mentioned on Facebooks, this is not altruism, nowhere near it. It's purely selfishness driven!! I follow her SE Asia travelment bloggage HERE and I'm afraid I want more, sorry people....get voting for her HERE!

Thank you, you lovely people. I shall be back tut suite when I have something that won't completely bore the socks off you :D


  1. Thank you for posting this lovely picture of me. You are so sweet.

    Will cast my Antartica vote in due course.

    You didn't tell anyone about pinching people's bottoms on Walthamstow Central Escalators. Norty x


  2. I was just so happy to see you Jobie, wanted to give you a little treatie :o)

    This is possibly one of my favourite pictures of you ever! It'll bring back fond memories for years to come :D

  3. Jeez. I saw this. What is it with you people and the liquor. You let your buddy go on stage drunk? That’s not cool and it’s not comedy. Sounds like you need to see a counsellor.

  4. If it helps, we weren't as drunk as I made out my dear.

    But thank you for your concern :)