Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Taxi Driver from Hell - The Sequel

*one thing I forgot to mention in Part One, is that he joked about having a gun with him, before he said he had pepper spray*

Well well well, I'd pretty much decided I was going to complain about this guy. A lovely dude I know read my blog and sent me a link to an organisation I could write to and complain, and possibly get money back too although that I'm not too bothered about.

I hadn't quite got around to it by the end of the working day and it was almost out of my mind by the time I got an email from Oglet which read simply:

'Have you called the cab office yet? That cabbie just text me'

Which set off all kinds of alarms bells....frack it, I was straight on the phone. I feel sorry for the poor people at the cab office, I think it was a couple of inexperienced young people by themselves and they weren't sure what to do about me ranting about guns and pepper spray and texts down the phone at them. So they gave me the bosses number.

When I called the boss his wife answered and when I told her why I was calling she was about to put me back through to the cab office. After some pursuasion she FINALLY passed the phone over to her husband, I imagine she was very disgruntled...clearly his day off.

I think once I'd actually told him everything, gun joke, pepper spray etc etc, and THEN the fact that he'd text my Oggerz he kinda understood why the scared people at the office had put me through. To be fair, I wasn't putting the phone down until I'd spoken to someone who ould act on it straight away. If this guy was texting, who's to say he couldn't just turn up on one of our doorsteps?? That's the awful thing about the fact he's a cabby, he knows where both Jo and I live.

Anyway, the boss man was absolutely fabulous, he messaged the guy there and then to tell him to come to the office, and he left me a voicemail later saying he's spoken to him on the phone and that he'll see him face to face tomorrow, he's suspended him from duty and he'll call me again to let me know what happens. Sure....he can't do jack shite about the fact that the guy could turn up outside my house...but if that happened it's be a job for the police, not him. He'll also contact these complaints people directly.

What shennanigans....hopefully this guy is a harmless nutter and not a dangerous one!!


  1. Weirdo Cab Drivers. What a nightmare... I'll look after you. I do wish I'd kept up my kung fu practice though as I'm going to have to defend you with wit and sarcasm. Could be a risky strategy if English isn't his first language, as I'm suspecting from that texty.

  2. Your super wit and sarcasm could keep any potential attackers at bay!!

    I'm not sure if that was a compliment or an insult....but I meant it in the best spirit possible.

    His english was quite good actually, maybe he was spaced out on pepper spray when he text you