Monday, 8 March 2010

Where's my MOJO!!

I feel that I must apologise for my distinct lack of blogging mojo at the moment!! Thanks to #167 Dad who has been plugging away replying to even my most dire 'Dear Diary-esque' postings.

It seems that the trauma of the move home, all kinds of evil things going on at work, and the slight mental panic of my trip being less than a month away has contrived to rob my of my (tenuous to start with) creative edge.

Luckily in less than a month I'll be having SO much to write about that I won't be able to fit it all in, so it's a momentary glitch.


Now I'm going to go and learn some lao and play with my new solar charger, it's very pwiddy, I'll tell you all about it soon when I do my Bloggers Unite post for 10:10 Cutting Carbon Emissions. Join in if you haven't already :)

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