Saturday, 6 March 2010

Month of Madness

Well, March is well on it's way to becoming possibly the most manic month ever.

So far this month I've been to the doctors twice for vaccinations. Well, the nurse actually, her name is Zenith and she was very very lovely!

I had been slightly concerned that I'd have to have 5 different injections, what with needing Diptheria, Polio, Typhoid, Hepatitis and Tetanus. But luckily, those clever pharmaceutical companies have combined diptheria, polio and tetanus into one, and typhoid and hepatitis into something called Hepatyrix...catchy.

I'm glad it wasn't 5 different injections, because just those two made my shoulder ache like a bitch for about 3 days.

It's lucky Zenith was very lovely as I do tend to rather make a tit of myself....ALL the time. The second time I visited I was having an injection which had to be given in the bottom. It wasn't as bad as you imagine, they give it right at the top, so you just pull your trousers down a little bit.

However, the entire time I kept saying 'stop looking at mah ass!', or 'stop touching mah ass!'

A bit self destructive really, as the mixture of perplexity and mirth probably served to distract her a tad.

Yesterday was just ridiculous as EVERYTHING seemed to go wrong at the last second for a practical that I was running, including a fire alarm at the last second which sent all the demonstrators and students out in to the cold.

Coming up...well, I think everyone has decided that they must see me one last time before I go and die miserably and horribly in South East Asia, or, as ThatIsTheWhy kindly posted on a previous entry:

'kidnapped/sold for spares/struck down by jungle fever/lost/injured/struck down by malaria/robbed/raped/struck down by encephalitis/poisoned/sold to a whore house/struck down by typhoid... you know... the list goes on..'

Thanks for that!

So the next couple of weeks is a whirlwind of social arrangements. It's great actually because as well as mates whom I see every couple of weeks or more, I'm also catching up with friends whom I haven't seen properly for ages! Clara and Arlene came to my birthday party in November, but I was already as pissed as the proverbial fart, and they left relatively early as Claray had to work, so it'll be fabulous to see them properly next Friday, along with Mikey who I've only seen properly a couple of times since we moved from Streatham!

My mate Claire from college who lives and work in Loughborough now is down this weekend and I'll be seeing her tonight, it's months since we've managed to meet up.

Vicky, Kayleigh, Mark, my lovely Jojo, Steve, Angela, all people I must see before I leave! If I've left you out it's not brain just doesn't work properly.

I'm going to see Osteology Lady on Monday :o) So I should have an update on Yorkie for you!

I bet you simply cannot wait.


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  2. sounds like you were in good hands with Doc Zenith. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  3. The fun never ends, huh? I love the name Zenith!

  4. Zenith is a lovely name isn't it, and yes, she was very cool :o)

    The fun never ends Agnes! The opticians are now ripping me off for new lenses....grrrr

  5. Shall I continue that list? There's more you know.... XD xxxx

  6. I don't think I need any more on the list Jamie, I'm busy enough dealing with strategies to avoid the list as it stands already :D