Monday, 20 July 2009

The devil alcohol!!

OMG what a week, this is NOT good for my diet programme :o(

I've definitely lowered my alcohol intake since I was living with my lovely teetotal Steevie, though it may not seem it to the outsider :o), and this week has been quite a bad one for alcypols, not only due to quantity, but to variety too, I've discovered I no longer have the stomach...or liver...for wine!

Just for fun, I'm going to tell short summaries of the night out, but miss out the middle, so you'll have the beginnings and ends:

  • Friday - Mikey and I head out for Pizza Express, it seems half of Soho has had a powercut, so we end up in Spaghetti House. I order prawn linguine and we have a bottle of rosé...........Mikey piles me into a black cab in central London at gawd knows what time in the morning after we've been dancing frenetically in Ku bar. I wake up not toooo bad the next morning, the cats have left me alone during the night probably due to appalling wine breath. (Looking after Jo's cats)

  • Tuesday - Jo and I head out for a beer after work before I wander off to meet Kayleigh for dinner later, Jo has just got back off holibobs and it's VERY important that we catch up over beer............I pretty much flake out on Kayleigh after 2 pints with Jo, a guinness and a bottle of wine, crash in her bed and wake up feeling like a I have a lizard inhabiting my's my tongue. I'm in work by 8am!

  • Wednesday - It's very important that Jo and I carry on catching up over beer. I wander over to Jo's place and we have a couple of bottles........I wake up in my own bed for the first time in a week and have a bit of a little headache but nothing excessive which is nice.

  • Friday - Mark comes over and I cook salmon, potatoes and green beans for dinner, accompanied by 3 BOTTLES of wine between us. We wander out already a bit the worse for wear.........Nicki finds me snoring on the kitchen floor at 00:15, with a full glass of water I'd poured myself sitting beside me. I wake up at about 10ish thinking I'd gone straight to bed and been good for a change, until Nicki tells me about the kitchen. I don't remember it even now.

  • Sunday - I won't bother with the before and after as I wasn't minging this morning...well, no more than usual anyway. Safe to say I had 3 beers and a couple of nice glasses of bubbly. The food was lovely though, I may do a BBQ post...hmmmmmmmmm

I think my liver wants to cry right now, I need a spare one, a USB liver. Special effort not to go too mad on alcyhol this week, this is not an advert for healthy living.

Once again I apologise for my lack of postage, life has been INCREDIBLY manic lately and I've barely even been home, all good though, got a couple of nice posts lined up fer you :o). I must run...I'm supposed to be at work! :D

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