Wednesday, 17 June 2009

My Oggers

Me this morning.

This post is going to be a short but disgusting love-in I'm afraid, get yer vom-bags ready.

My lovely Oggers has been caringly supporting me through a recent financial drought, and enabling me to maintain my aquired socialising-related alcohol dependency. She never seems to tire of throwing money at me for beer or pizza..........or cabs home after beer and pizza. I'd have told me to feck right off by now and found some financially solvent friends.

I'm going to treat my Oggers next month, I've already told her that she's staring down the barrel of a BOGOF Subway....with all the trimmings, Sproglet doesn't scrimp, oh no. I might stretch to a cookie for afters too :D

She's a lucky girl that one. I bet the anticipation is killing her.

Thank you for being fab and generous and gorgeous and all round lovely Oggers :o) And thank you for my pizza á la Domino last night! Love you long time xxx


  1. Aaah, it's good to have such great friends!

  2. *sniffs* how sweet. I am a peach ain't I...? Hee hee. You are welcome you silly sausage.

    I said The Ivy, not Subways. You never listen. OK, can I have the full 12 inches then?

  3. ...............pardon??

    I only caught 12 inches....what's going on?? :o)