Thursday, 18 June 2009

Am I Sad?

Another fabulous friend of mine, and eternal provider of beer and entertainment, Linda, took me to the cinema last night :o)

Star the IMAX. No, you're not going mad, yes...I DID see Star Trek at the IMAX about a month ago.

And yes.....I'm still in love with Spock.

I Love Mr Spock (I don't think he's a doctor yet in that film and I'd like to make a distinction between the young Mr Spock and old Dr Spock....for reasons I'm sure you'll understand).

I do hope they make lots more films with this fab cast, it was almost just an introduction for them. However, I believe the limiting factor for the frequency and quantity of such films will be the tolerance of Mr Quinto for having his eyebrows shaved and hoiked up with magic tape or whatever it is they do.

I'm not sure I could cope for any length of time with titty-taped eyebrows.

I had a meeting at 10am that I'm sure the other party just forgot about. She's probably off somewhere, shopping for kumquats, instead of at the terribly urgent 'emergency' that I was told she was attending to.


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    Why you not been blogging. You have had much cheer about you lately that you could be sharing with the wider blog community. I've been enjoying the cut of your upbeat jib and so should others...

    No? I know you are a busy bee, but spare a moment for your faithful followers. Pleeze ???

    Fanx, Jo