Sunday, 5 September 2010

Oh, Stow, how I love you so

So it's finally happened! Ogs and Sprogs live together.....a recipe for disaster I hear you ask? Will the universe implode? Or wll we simply die of alcohol poisoning?

Neither....I hope.

I moved in yesterday...with the help of my long-suffering father (Thank you Daddeh!). We packed the van in the morning, spending much of it confused that there seemed to be so much less than when I moved in. I'm sure I brought almost 20 boxes home, along with roughly 8 binbags....and all the crap that goes along with it. This time I had 6 boxes, 4 black bags.....and all the crap that goes along with it. suspects I may be bringing stuff back with me after visits home for quite some time.

I realised the day before moving that I actually didn't have much furniture. I left most of my stuff behind when I moved out of Grants, and so I have books with no bookcase and underwear with no drawers (drawers with no drawers....geddit??? I'm so funny). So I'm currently in a state of slight disarray, but all shall be fixed next weekend when furniture arrives...huzzah.

For now I'm amusing myself by smiling at the cats. I'd say laughing, but that's just mean, because their current behaviour has been brought about by the stress of the move and living in a new house. Having said that, I have to admit that they can be comical.

Mornington has always been a skittish kitty, the phrase 'scaredy-cat' was invented purely for her. She's currently spending most of her time under the bed, but she does venture into the living room occasionally. However, she doesn't seem to like the corridor floor, I think she sees it as hot coles...or shark-infested water, and Jo's room and the living room are at opposite ends of the house. So when you're sitting in the front room, you know when she's coming, she thunders down the corridor at a rate of knots, as Jo said the other least she'll be losing some weight.

Mornington in less-skittish days at Gandhi Close

Sometimes you'll hear thundering and she won't appear, and when you peek out into the corridor she's perched ontop of the kitty scratcher or the 2 cardboard boxes a little further down, like a portly sentinel, presumably to regain her wits before the next assault on the floor. Likewise, you're not allowed to walk past her in the corridor, I suspect she lacks some spatial awareness and is convinced that you'll squish her if you try. This causes her to make a mad dash for whichever room or tower she can reach before you get to her.

Bless her crazy little heart.

Lucy is a little more relaxed, I wish she'd have a word with her errant daughter.

Tarquin has survived so far, presumably because Mornington is too preoccupied at the moment to have noticed his existence. I'm sure within a few weeks he'll be suffering the effects of her appetite.

So far so good people, stay tuned for more adventures of Ogs and Sprogs......oh...I simply cannot wait!

P.S, thank you Nicki for the awesome moving-in gift :D Once I have a good pic of it that I can get my hands on, it'll be posted. Love you x

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